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Stakeholder Convening, September 2018

Supporting Family Child Care in New Jersey

CCANJ Goals: attract new people to the family child care profession; raise public awareness about family child care as a vital community resource; and demonstrate the role of the CCR&Rs.

In the Summer 2018, CCANJ sought and contracted with a consultant to facilitate a process and project to boost support for family child care and CCR&R in New Jersey. This phase of the project included three steps: 

  1. fact-finding and exploration with stakeholders
  2. one convening of stakeholders
  3. a report on the recommendations of the stakeholders.

Following that work, CCANJ contracted with the consultant to move forward on the recommendations of the project. Stakeholders had come together with a willingness to collaborate and identified recommendations for the work ahead.  The documents below mark the evolving work of CCANJ, CCR&R staff, and family child care providers in pursuit of project goals.

FCC Report & Recommendations

Workplans, Updates, and Discussions

Data and Reports from the Field

CCANJ FCC Survey Related Work

CCA NJ FCC Committee

Family Child Care Videos

Helping Family Child Care to Thrive Through the Public Health Crisis and Beyond

In January 2020, there were 1,486 registered family child care providers in New Jersey. In May, Child Care Aware of New Jersey and the New Jersey Family Child Care Providers Association conducted a survey to better understand the family child care home landscape and providers’ needs for re-opening.

COVID-19 Impact. Among the 1,014 family child care providers who responded to the survey, 346 closed due to the pandemic (218 responded in English and 128 responded in Spanish). Two-thirds of survey respondents indicated they have remained open and reported this was out of necessity – her own income and economic well-being, and families have been counting on her.

The number of registered family child care programs in New Jersey has been declining over the past decade. As the state looks to re-open businesses and services to jumpstart recovery, working parents will need access to child care. With parent anxiety high related to potential COVID-19 exposure, there could be a shift in parent preferences for the smaller child care settings offered in neighborhood family child care homes. Both open and temporarily closed family child care providers will need meaningful support to welcome children and keep everyone (including themselves) healthy and well.

New Jersey Family Child Care Home Provider Survey Results and Recommendations

Additional findings will be reported!

August 2020 FCC Survey

Family Child Care Provider Staff Resource Page

Enforcement Forms

Family Child Care Staff Contact List

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CCANJ FCC Committee

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Materials Related to 2018 Discussion Forum with CCR&Rs and FCC Providers

FCC Start Your Own Business Infographics:

Inspection "How To" Resources

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Registered FCC and FFN

Registered FCC

Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN)

Home Inspection

Renewal Inspection

Other Inspections

Home Inspection

Renewal Inspection

Other Inspections

Paperwork and Forms for Registered Family Child Care Providers

Family Child Care Provider Packet

Family Child Care Child Enrollment Packet

Family Child Care Applicant Packet

Family Child Care Applicant Packet (CCR)

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Family Child Care Emergency Action Plan Packet (CCR)

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Family Child Care Emergency Action Plan Packet

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Renewal Letters/Notifications

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NJCCIS Tips & Reminders

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